• Object

    The “Fund for democratic culture” (FDC) is an endowment created in 2011, wich aims to support and develop actions of general interest in research, scientific study and training to promote the concept of democratic culture and to support its development within the population and institutions, on territorial, national and international levels.

    For this purpose, it proposes to : 

    • Identify and support the steps and processes that bring to individuals and groups within civil society, the means to :

    ° Conduct the investigation of issues that concern them, build necessary skills ;
    ° Develop their actions and initiatives, manage common resources, for the purpose of the common good and the sustainable development ;
    ° Sustain their influence in the processes of collective decision.

    • Encourage and promote experimentations of democratic forms and innovative and creative cooperations ;
    • Promote the development of cognitive and strategic forms of mediation that enable the development of democratic culture ;
    • Evaluate processes associated with the development of democratic culture and practices and skills that make it possible ;
    • Generate the necessary changes to the active contribution of public and private institutions (local, national and international) in the development of democratic culture ;
    • Stimulate reflections and researches on democratic culture, on organizational forms of democracy, on concepts, methods and strategies for change that encourage its development.

    Modes of action

    The endowment will directly exercise actives of promotion and development of democratic culture :

    • It will develop first, through its Scientific Committee, criteria enabling to recognize the existence of a democratic culture or to characterize processes and approaches favoring the development of democratic culture in different field of activities1 and through different modes of action ;
    • It will identify in different areas steps, processes and actors who contribute to the development of democratic culture ;
    • It will promote networking of actors involved in the experimentation of democratic culture and will favor the sharing of feedback between field of activities and variety of contexts in which initiatives appear ;
    • It will animate transdisciplinary reflections on democratic culture and on methodological and strategic conditions of its development ;
    • It will organize (or participate in the organization) events and conferences involving various categories of stakeholders and researchers, at territorial, national and international levels, which according to the forms of action, skills and various modalities are contributing to the development of democratic culture or are seeking to develop it ;
    • It will lead reflections and raise or conduct researches and studies related to its purpose. It will organize events to promote its object ;
    • It will raise funds to support its activities and to finance research projects or experimental processes related to its object.

    1 For example: development and spatial planning, agriculture, urban policy, health work, scientific and technical development, artistic and cultural development, education, industrial activities, post-rupture rehabilitation (resilience approach), water protection, prevention and management of climate change, renewable energy development, …